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Dakshini Prayash is on a mission to enable the people of Madurdaha to create better lives for themselves, with the long-term vision to become a model institution for social development. 

Box of Love

#greendiwali #sustainablegifting

The women from our self-reliance team have packed oodles of love & thought in this box to make our Diwali happy & green.

The box contains:
4 plantable diyas
2 upcycled door hangings
2 DIY reusable rangoli kits

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A holistically developed society is built on three primary pillars of sustainability - education, health care, and self-reliance.  


At Madurdaha Satyavritti Vidyalaya, holistic education is imparted to enable the students to rise above the challenges they face today and those which are to come in their lives ahead. Education is not limited to learning that happens in the classroom; it expands to self-realisation, resilience development, positive social behaviour, and awareness of one’s civic responsibilities

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Health Care

A healthy body and an agile mind are fundamental in producing excellence. An extensive curriculum of indoor and outdoor sports, nutritious meals, happiness class, regular health check-ups, and more is in place to address the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of well-being for our students and the Madurdaha community at large.

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Dakshini Prayash was founded with the belief that the best interests of the community are served not by charity but by empowering the members of the community. With that belief, we offer vocational training, skill development and microfinance education to the women of the community.

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Scholarships given
Hours of online classes
Health camps organized
Self-reliant women

Dakshini Prayash endeavors to prepare the students to become responsible citizens with not only their intellect, but also physical well-being, social awareness, and moral development. 

With more student enrollments in our school, we reach out to you for support to sponsor a child’s holistic growth for a year. This will include all basic requirements of academic supplies and nutrition. The change-makers of tomorrow need your support today.

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Interview with That’s My Story

Our cofounders Mrs. Anubhuti Prakash and Mr. Kamal Prakash in conversation with That’s My Story.
Watch the video to hear them share the story of Dakshini Prayash - how it started, their inspirations along the way, and their vision to build a model community.

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