Our work

With the goal to enrich the lives of the people in our community, Dakshini Prayash regularly implements new initiatives and studies its impact.

Grow With Love

Started in 2016, Grow with Love is a Dakshini Prayash initiative to promote plants as gifts. Plants can be gifted on any occasion and it stays with your loved one forever. When you give someone a plant, you give them good health. Dakshini Prayash’s team procures sustainable and attractive plant holders every season and educates buyers about the benefits of various plants. From indoor air cleaning plants like Sansevieria to beautiful Marigolds, Grow with Love has reached many houses in Calcutta. To order plants, contact us.

Vishwa Asha

Vishwa Asha brings the simple joys of life to the elderly people of Madurdaha. It brings them together to create a sense of community and belongingness and organizes activities like film screening and book reading. It also looks after the community by providing basic necessities like food staples and kerosene, and organizing health check-up camps. Support this cause.


Many of Dakshini Prayash’s team members and well-wishers are marathon runners. They introduced the culture in the organization and trained many of our students. We are now regularly represented at all marathons in the city by our board members, students and supporters, and have many podium finishers from the team! Some of our teachers and mothers also took up running when Pinkathon came to town.

Happiness Class

One period every week is Happiness Class in Madurdaha Satyavritti Vidyalaya! The class has no curriculum. Teachers use games, stories and other interesting methods to engage with their students. Students learn to come in touch with their emotions and see the bigger picture of life.

Meditation & Yoga

Valuing and practicing yoga from a young age increases a child’s mindfulness, apart from its various health and emotional benefits. Meditation builds invaluable skills that help us live a better life. Students, teachers, parents and volunteers come together every year on World Yoga Day to acknowledge the value of yoga and meditation. The students also practice yoga in the school as a part of their weekly curriculum and are encouraged to share their knowledge with their family members.


In collaboration with Asia Initiatives, New York, SoCCs was introduced in Dakshini Prayash in 2015. SoCCs stands for Social Capital Credits. Based on the Theory of Positive Psychology, SoCCs is a community currency for social good which acts as a catalyst for development. This innovative model was implemented for our students to tackle everyday issues like use of abusive language, absence in school, cleanliness of community spaces, and respect for peers. Students earned credits for themselves and for their class on displaying positive behavior, which could be redeemed later for rewards like stationery, class trip, and more.

Garage Sale

Every year before Durga Puja, Dakshini Prayash organizes a 2-day mega Garage Sale in Madurdaha for the sale of used goods. We collect useful articles like clothes, toys, books, utensils, home decor, bags, and more from friends and family and sell them at the garage sale at very low prices. The benefits of garage sale are manifold - it helps recycle goods in usable condition, allows people to shop them at low prices, and sets the mood for celebrations as we head into Durga Puja.